If you own a second or third home, that's built with passion, with top-end specs, in a beautiful location with breath-taking views, we would love to talk to you. The home stays yours, we just take care of it, and look after it with love and caring, and let it out to a really select set of guests, virtually, almost by invitation. You will be welcome to enjoy the home whenever you want to, without having to worry about its upkeep, and let's agree, we all love to hear the jingle-jangle of money.

How does an affiliation with BYLOO work, and benefit home owners like you?

  • We take homes on fixed and/or variable leases for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Fixed leases are an agreed monthly rental to home owners. A variable lease is worked out on a Revenue Share basis where the home owner gets a certain percentage of the total revenue that is earned from renting the home to guests
  • Regardless of the lease structure, all expenses towards running the homestay operations including manpower, utilities, provisions, consumables and any day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the home are incurred by BYLOO. Specific expenses like Property tax, exterior and interior painting of the home and upgradation of furniture and fixtures if necessitated over a 3 or 4-year period would be done by the home owner depending on actual wear and tear
  • All bookings by guests will be made only through digital platforms such as the company's website and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to ensure complete transparency on the usage and revenues earned
  • Home owners will need to register their homes under the Homestay scheme of the Ministry of Tourism. BYLOO will provide necessary assistance if required for the same. The details of the registration process and documentation are provided here
  • We will provide home owners our BYLOO brand-standard requirements and specifications with regards to furniture, fixtures, equipment, accommodation, facilities and operating requirements. Our team will engage with home owners to discuss these requirements and assist with achieving the same wherever required
  • Our dedicated operations, quality assurance and marketing teams will ensure that your home gets the best coverage across all marketing channels, is written about in newspapers and periodicals, and guests always have the most amazing curated Homestay experience possible
  • For second and third home owners, an affiliation with BYLOO benefits them in many ways...
    • Free stay for an agreed number of days in a year in a fully serviced home initially starting with their own home. As BYLOO grows, we will offer home owners free stays in our other homes on a mutually reciprocal basis giving them luxury vacations across the country
    • Their homes are well maintained at all times at no cost to the owner
    • The homes also provide rental income to the owners and are not a dead asset as they often become because of lack of usage
    • Home owners get a special "friends & family" rate for their near and dear ones to stay in their home, in addition to their free stay entitlement

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