While we hate designations and hierarchies, in fact that's what we want to run away from, in to the hills, we thought we should at least have some fun with these.

Mansukh Lamba

Head Honcho

Mansukh is here to make things work on ground, and ensure that our guests go back with the memories that they are seeking. Mansukh knows something about hospitality. An undergrad in hotel administration & management from Oxford Brookes University, followed by a Masters from Johnson & Wales University in the United States, Mansukh also studied financial modeling at Harvard . And then 12 years with global exposure, working for leading hotel brands in India, Malaysia, UK and USA including Marriott Hotels, and JLL in Hotel Operations & Facility Management. Now, Mansukh is ready to sit with you on deck of one of our luxury cottages, and argue passionately about whether milk should be poured after you have poured tea, or the other way around. He also promises to look the other way if you dip a biscuit in your Chai

Aditi Lamba

Chief Happiness Officer

After completing her Bachelors in Hotel Administration from Oxford Brookes University, and working in India and UK, across multiple sectors…hotel operations, credit cards, ecommerce, and banking back-end operations with brands like Radisson Hotels, American Express and Infosys, Aditi realized that she found real happiness when she met Mansukh. Now, she is ready to spread a little joy and happiness in the world with this dream venture. Aditi has already bought a telescope and wants to point out all the stars in the Milky Way to you on clear nights in the mountains, when the clouds are in a mood to oblige.

Kamna Lamba

Social Media Rockstar

Kamna lives, breathes, thinks Digital Marketing. If you were to bump in to her, do ask her for tips on what filters to use for your Instagram pics. Prior to setting up this venture, Kamna worked for a year with a digital marketing company focused on hotels and hospitality, to understand how to create effective digital marketing solutions in this sector. By the way, you can also take fashion tips from her. Kamna has studied fashion communications, and later did a Masters in Luxury Brands from Domus Academy, Italy. And worked with brands like Dune, Steve Madden and Michal Kors.

Sukreeta Lamba

Boss Lady

Sukreeta is one hell of a lady, and one hell of a boss. So, we call her the Boss Lady. Not without reason. Sukreeta has earned her chops, with leading Indian and International hotel companies for over 20 years. She's also set up a restaurant chain and a club management company of her own. Her ventures have been covered by the Economic Times. HT's Brunch magazine featured her in a cover story on leading women entrepreneurs.