Our Dream

We have all been there, done it, and realized that there is more to life than deadlines and the next quarter's profits. On a lazy afternoon in the hills, it suddenly hit us collectively that in the final analysis, we all live only once, and that life is finally about what we have experienced, and not about what we own.
That's why we called our company Because You Live Only Once.

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Luxury Villa In Nainital

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Catch a glimpse of the most celebrated celebrity couple- Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma's stay at Divyam from BYLOO

Nupur Pant's latest Kumaoni Sound track shot at our villa.

A glimpse into our recent celebrity guests Ravi Kishan & Manoj Tiwari's stay at Divyam From BYLOO

Lazy Dreamers

While we hate designations and hierarchies, in fact that's what we want to run away from, in to the hills, we thought we should at least have some fun with these.

Escape Routes

We want to be wherever the sun shines bright, and the rain falls soft. But for starters we want to dot the hills and mountains of Uttrakhand with our dreams.
Our first villas are coming up in the devastatingly scenic mountains of the Kumaon region. Exquisite locations, where leopards swing by sometimes to soak in the sun.


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Mrs. Arti Mittal

Mrs. Sabeena Khanna

Mr. Sethi & Group

Mrs. Simran Bhalla

Villa owners

If you own a second or third home, that's built with passion, with top-end specs, in a beautiful location with breath-taking views, we would love to talk to you. The home stays yours, we just take care of it, and look after it with love and caring, and let it out to a really select set of guests, virtually, almost by invitation. You will be welcome to enjoy the home whenever you want to, without having to worry about its upkeep, and let's agree, we all love to hear the jingle-jangle of money...

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